New (Hi)Stories from Vienna

You know Vienna, the capital of Austria? But you don't know the many incredible stories that take place there! The world of ASAGAN tells you all about them. We found the pictures in books and prints that are between 100 and 500 years old. And we found the heroes to go with them who have adventures for you. You'll be amazed, in ASAGAN or in reality – who can say?

9 news stories from Vienna
• Sisibabasosodada
• Hippiezzaners in the Court Dancing School
• The Hamster in the Big Wheel
• A Little Bite Music
• The Palm by the Beautiful Well
• Ostrich, Strauss and Bat
• Fiacre Lilli and her Ring
• The Danube Pirates
• A White Viennese Winter’s Tale

New (Hi)Stories from Vienna in a big fat book with extra pages full of fabulous pictures from the world of ASAGAN. – 112 pages, colour illustrations throughout, hardback, produced locally and with the ecolabel. English edition now available in the Austrian Culture Forum London – buy in our Online Store!

Thank you for the great time in London!

Wolfgang Hartl